Photo © Jean-Luc Valentin
Photo © Jean-Luc Valentin
Photo © Jean-Luc Valentin
Photo © Jean-Luc Valentin
Drawing © KSP Jürgen Engel

Justice and Administration Center

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Projektgesellschaft HeWiPPP GmbH & Co.KG

The ensemble on Mainzer Strasse is an important element in the restructuring of the heterogeneous urban planning to the south east of Wiesbaden station. It comprises two buildings standing parallel to one another: the Justice and the Administration Center.

The two main buildings are each divided up into one long block five and six storeys high, and, on the courtyard side, into five elements at right angles. These border a green corridor that runs along the new ensemble from north to south, serving as a public area. The public has access to the Justice and Administration Centers both from the green corridor and from the street. Tall end carcasses border the main plaza in the quarter, , accentuating the entrance on the courtyard side.

The Justice and Administration Centers follow a uniform system in terms of structure, whereas the individual facades feature different detailed designs: the long facades are structured by breaks, recesses and passageways. The upper storwys boast white plastering and, with different-color window elements on the courtyard side, form a contrast to the anthracite of the plastered and natural stone facades of the three and five-storey blocks at right angles. Together with the public green corridor, this makes for a highly diverse appearance, creating an ensemble that is visitor and user-friendly.

The justice building houses all the courts domiciled in Wiesbaden and the state public prosecutor's offices. The administration building assembles in one location some 600 workplaces that were previously scattered over different locations throughout the city. All those facilities involving dealings with the public are located on the lower floors. With several seats outside, the cafeteria is a place for communication and enlivens the main plaza.

65,405 sqm


2008 Public Private Partnership Innovation Prize

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