Good architecture has to be conceived by people, be cost-effective, and adaptable. The future of pioneering edifices lies in simple, flexible structures. Our plans are as elaborate as necessary and at the same time as simple as possible, because only efficient buildings effectively reduce the consumption of commodities and energy. Our strength lies in our thoroughly exploring all aspects of the assignments entrusted to us and translating them into architecturally convincing solutions. The process of conceiving a building always takes place on two levels: on the urban planning level and on the architecture level. With regard to urban planning our buildings are intended to fit in with the mature cityscape, while architecturally being individual structures that bring together different aspects to deliver a structurally and formally coherent solution. Our understanding of architecture is rooted in the present but shows great respect for the architectural heritage, which in many of our projects we transform into a new, contemporary structure. We prefer to adopt a new approach for each building assignment depending on the location, context, and purpose and to provide a specific response to every architectural question.

Competences: Urban Development | Architecture | Construction in Existing Contexts | Sustainable Building | Product Design | General Planning | Consulting

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