Tenant fit-out, business center SATELLITE OFFICE Opernplatz XIV

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Opernplatz 14, 60327 Frankfurt
coloboration structural implementation
unlimited architekten, Frankfurt
Moritz Bernoully, Frankfurt

SATELLITE OFFICE Opernplatz XIV - pureSilent®
Office Development and Interior Design

Deep working meets flexible workspace
Spaciousness without open-plan, calm focus versus creative openness, classy rather than trendy: The flexible workspace provider Satellite Office Opernplatz XIV stands out from the competition thanks to the luxurious ambience, patchwork office structures and the creation of prestigious addresses. Completed in February 2020 in a historical-style new building on Frankfurt’s Opernplatz, Satellite Office Opernplatz XIV is a 2,500 m2 workspace which offers something a little different than the usual coworking providers and lends the location a new, puristic and clear design concept.
Spaciousness without open-plan
The utilisation concept calls for the efficient use of space using a patchwork office structure which covers the diverse interests of tenants while also offering the open and communicative atmosphere of classic coworking areas. The owner’s promise: Customers are able to book small units flexibly and in accordance with their needs, affording them all the privacy and ability to concentrate of their own office space while also offering them a large-scale and prestigious format. Opportunities for communicative exchange and a range of services are available when needed.
The rental space is situated on the top three floors of two building sections joined by a bridge. The spacious feel of the workspace is primarily influenced by the use of ceiling-high, frameless glass partitions which separate the adjoining zones. Combined with the translucent silver-grey curtains, this creates an open working environment despite the confined space. The curtains convey a sense of elegance and dynamics with alternating views through the offices and of the Old Opera.

Calm focus versus creative openness
Deep work, focussing on what is important and space for contemplation are the key concepts of the spatial design and workspace zoning: Instead of large, open spaces, the office layout offers a multitude of variable and functionally graded options such as carefully matched individual and team offices, project offices to be booked for limited periods and executive offices which can be inhabited for the long term. The offices are interspersed with so-called Silent Cubes, which serve as places of retreat and consultation, conference rooms of various sizes and furnishings, as well as open communication islands and bistro areas. Smaller, screened break-out areas are available to ensure a high level of discretion and productivity. The full range of utilisation scenarios allows a smooth and flexible transition between private retreat and formal as well as informal communication.
Classy rather than trendy
With the office concept pureSilent®, the developer is focusing on the puristic design of a prestigious and elegant working environment. This involves the new and further development of the entire design concept with respect to the previous line, which was based more on traditional design. The new style is conveyed in the material and colour concept of warm anodised, grey, blue, aubergine and white tones. In combination with ascetic rooms featuring good acoustics and ergonomic furnishings, this creates a calm working atmosphere and in turn a sense of individual well-being.
In the communication areas and special-purpose rooms, some of the walls are decorated with large yet discretely toned photographs of Frankfurt and well-known Opera scenes. The aubergine and petrol colours used on the 4th and 5th upper floors serve to highlight the special functions such as the Silent Cubes.

Photography: Moritz Bernoully, Frankfurt


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