Archeologogical Pavilion Elisengarten


We are kadawittfeldarchitektur. Originally founded in Aachen in 1999, we today stand for more than just architectural design. The interdisciplinary approach of our work, linking architecture, interior and product design on the one hand and at the interface of town planning and urban projects on the other hand, reflects the full range of our creative output. kadawittfeldarchitektur develops added value space. In a team of more than 100 persons, we create architecture with added value space for living, communication and work environments. In the way we deal with volumes, materials, structures and functions, we strive to integrate our schemes into their surroundings with the objective of creating contemporary and sustainable architecture and meeting the needs of both the users and the general public. kadawittfeldarchitektur is communicative. Together with all project participants – our clients, the users, consultants and the general public – we look for bespoke solutions: tailored to meet the spatial and functional requirements and the socio-cultural aspirations of each specific project. kadawittfeldarchitektur stands for competence in planning. Based on long-term experience and our comprehensive network of internal and external consultants and cooperation partners from a variety of disciplines, we provide high-quality designs on time and on budget. kadawittfeldarchitektur builds. Projects like the main railway station in Salzburg/AT, the headquarters of the AachenMünchener insurance company in Aachen/DE, the Adidas Laces building in Herzogenaurach/DE and the Grimmwelt Museum in Kassel/DE are representative of our numerous projects in Germany and abroad. In addition, we have come first in numerous international competitions, such as the DFB Academy in Frankfurt/DE and the concert hall in Padua/IT.

Competences: Office | Administration | Fair | Infrastructure | Residential | Culture | Health care

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