Picture © Ingenieurbüro Dr. Binnewies
Photo © Ingenieurbüro Dr. Binnewies
Picture © Ingenieurbüro Dr. Binnewies
Photo © Ingenieurbüro Dr. Binnewies
Photo © Bernd Nasner

Magdeburger Hafen: Quay Wall

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20457 Hamburg

From Hamburg's Jungfernstieg, a central axis runs through to the HafenCity with direct access to the Elbe – the Magdeburger Hafen. This has developed from a former handling point for goods and commodities into an open area with a central expanse of water in the heart of HafenCity.

However, the sands of time had taken their toll on the appearance of the historical quay wall, subjected for over 100 years to the constant stresses of earth pressure and changing water levels. Now the ageing quay wall has been technically and visually refurbished to meet the demands that will be placed on it in the future. The former wooden seepage guard has been replaced by a modern steel sheet pile wall, and some sections have been anchored with injection piles. The existing masonry was retained in the process of renovation, although some damaged sections were restored in keeping with its status as a protected historical monument. The new masonry surfaces were artificially aged so that in the near future the whole area, parts of which have been redesigned, will attain a uniform appearance. The quay wall is now well equipped for the next 100 years, and will again become a source of pleasure for those who view it.

Magdeburger Hafen has developed into an urban open space. It is enclosed on the western side by high-quality promenades, flights of steps and lawn areas, all-in-all an elaborately designed, raised terrace with a height of up to four metres. This elevation safely protects the adjacent road from flooding and at the same time offers space for shade-giving groups of trees, strand pavilions, observation platforms and terracing. The stabilisation of the new terrace is achieved independently of the historic key wall by means of its own separate deep foundation, inserted into the narrow gaps in the existing quay wall anchoring. In a length of 280 metres, over 200 different high-quality precast angle bracket elements were required in order to lend a dynamic alignment to the multiplicity of leisure spaces.

HafenCity Hamburg GmbH

BB+GG Arquitects, Barcelona
Breimann & Bruun GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

Structural and Civil Engineers
Ingenieurbüro Dr. Binnewies

Length of construction
Renovated quay wall 690 m
Elevated terrace 340 m

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