Office and Residential Building Schwabinger Tor, S40


The architectural practice Hild und Kaltwasser was established in 1992 and has been lead in partnership as Hild und K since 1999 by Andreas Hild and Dionys Ottl. In 2011, Matthias Haber moved into the leadership team as a third managing partner. The managerial partners attribute their professional success also to a highly dedicated team of broadly skilled staff.

The architecture of Hild und K is not off-the-peg. All concepts emerge from an intensive and open dialogue with our clients. Through our discussions, we develop idiosyncratic solutions which respond sensitively and intelligently to all architectural questions raised. Clients with high demands on the structural quality of a building and who would like it to stand out from the contemporary architectural mainstream, will find us the right partner: We brilliantly engage in the architectural discourse and its social requirements. Our yearlong experience with intricate and complex structures and building commissions allows us to explore unusual approaches with our clients. This produces buildings of a unique character which mirror the creativity, openness and architectural seriousness which distinguish our practice.

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