Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © VW Autostadt Pressestelle
Photo © HG Esch


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StadtBrücke, 38440 Wolfsburg
Volkswagen AG

Germany’s Autostadt is today in constant flux. The characteristic closeness to customers of the location allows trends and developments to be recognised at an early stage. The Autostadt reacts to these trends and is adjusting its offer in all areas accordingly. Theatrical presentations are modified or developed further. Current trends in the fields of mobility, technology, ecology, sociology, education are taken up and incorporated in new concepts. The fluctuations that the automotive group has undergone are reflected in structural and presentation changes in the Konzernforum. New bio-labs and car-labs have been introduced. Catering throughout the plant has incorporated international culinary trends and presents these in quality products. Societal trends towards a knowledge-based society are acknowledged by such new elements as the mobility deck. The broad thematic field of mobility is communicated in active workshops using the most sophisticated technical aids, especially aimed at schoolchildren in secondary school grades. The annual „moviementos“ballet festival has attracted cultural attention to the Autostadt from way beyond the borders of the region. The buildings and garden complexes of the Autostadt absorb the effects of this permanent renewal process with their flexible structures and the quality of the materials used. Today, the total plant presents itself again as a homogenous sophisticated urban complex.

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