Drawing © gmp
Photo © Hans-Georg Esch
Photo © Hans-Georg Esch
Photo © Hans-Georg Esch
Photo © Hans-Georg Esch
Photo © Hans-Georg Esch
Drawing © gmp
Drawing © gmp

Grand Theater

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400000 Chongqing, China

With its close proximity to the water, the “Grand Theater” seems to hover above the River Yangtze. A stone platform base supports the glass sculpture; the ground plan and elevation are subject to strict functional requirements despite their seemingly arbitrary expressiveness and maritime analogy. Two concert halls with their respective foyers are situated in the longitudinal axis, similar to the “keel line” of a ship, thus forming entrance areas at the bow and the stern. In the centre, in other words “midship” of these entrance areas, is the exhibition hall, which joins all the theatre foyers together.

2004 – 1st prize

Meinhard von Gerkan with Klaus Lenz

Chongqing Urban Construction Investment

Construction period

Gross floor area
100,000 m²

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