GEPLAN DESIGN designed the acoustic slats with lighting scenes on the ceilings that remind of book pages fluttering through the air.
Photo © Guido Anacker
In the public areas, GEPLAN DESIGN used natural materials in warm, earthy tones.
Photo © Guido Anacker
For the development of the design, GEPLAN DESIGN was inspired by Leipzig as a traditional center for poets and book printers.
Photo © Guido Anacker
GEPLAN DESIGN structured the gastronomy area in the Hotel Hyperion into open and retreated zones.
Photo © Guido Anacker
A sparkling, urban attitude towards life is conveyed by the generous room and the view through the floor-to-ceiling windows.
Photo © Guido Anacker
Poetic entrée: Portraits of famous literary personalities decorate the hotel room doors.
Photo © Guido Anacker
Inspiring are also the letters, words and quotations of Leipzig-based poets and thinkers on the wall behind the bed tumbling down directly into the guests’ heads.
Photo © Guido Anacker
The furniture designed by GEPLAN DESIGN offers sufficient storage areas and spaces, and lets the room appear airy and generous nonetheless.
Photo © Guido Anacker
GEPLAN DESIGN took care to plan the rooms generously, also the bathrooms.
Photo © Guido Anacker
A generous lounge area designed by GEPLAN DESIGN with a comfortable self-check-in for the guests in the H2 Hotel.
Photo © Guido Anacker
With high-quality materials such as real wood veneer, GEPLAN DESIGN manages to create a feel-good atmosphere in the budget hotel.
Photo © Guido Anacker
The bathroom in the H2 Hotel designed by GEPLAN DESIGN also appears generous and inviting.
Photo © Guido Anacker

Hyperion & H2 Hotel

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Sachsenseite, 04109 Leipzig
H-Hotels GmbH

“Our claim and, at the same time, our strength lies in the ability to create authenticity and implement it perceptibly,” says Cord Glantz, who together with his twin brother, Rolf Glantz, manages GEPLAN DESIGN, one of the leading German offices for interior design.

A planning approach entirely in the spirit of the family-run hotel group, when it contacted GEPLAN DESIGN in the autumn of 2017, in order to realize an innovative hotel concept: On a space of round about 12,000 square meters, the double brand made up of HYPERION Hotel and H2 Hotel combines the offerings of a luxurious business hotel with those of a young budget hotel. Since the beginning of March, restaurants, bars, fitness and conference areas, 524 rooms and six suites have been indulging guests from around the world, from city tourists eager for adventure up to demanding business travelers. “This cross-over concept of the two houses is a novelty in the hotel business. It will change Leipzig,“ Rolf Glantz is certain.

Why guests book a particular hotel decisively depends on the offering of the hotel and the quality of its interior design. The guests want to feel good and enjoy comfort. This is where GEPLAN DESIGN sees its responsibility. Perfect function and logistics are the key terms for the interior designers. It is about reasonable routing and the most effective deployment of personnel. For the concept to work economically, a smooth operation must be guaranteed. “This is an extremely important point for us planners,” Cord Glantz emphasizes. “Ideally, we are therefore involved in the planning by the future operator at a very early point in time. This is the only way for us to get the best out of the high-rise architecture in complex hotel projects like here in Leipzig, and secure financial advantages for the operator.”

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