Student House for a High School


With creativity and experience, curiosity, passion and diligence, we plan new buildings and renovations, interior and exterior spaces, commercial areas and neighborhoods. From a kindergarten to a funeral chapel, from dormitories to a nursing home, from an elementary school to a university department, from a warehouse to business headquarters, from a fitness studio to a multi-purpose hall, from a music school to a concert arena, from a station square to a university campus – we have completed projects for all spheres of life and all ages. Our designs are always based on a careful analysis of the location and the space program. We integrate the needs and visions of the clients and users. For every project, we develop a customized holistic solution and take our responsibility towards society and the environment. Sustainability and energy efficiency are as important to us as a clear and expressive architecture. We refrain from short-lived fashions and contribute to long-term and therefore sustainable architecture. Functionality and efficiency are key objectives of every project. Thanks to long years of experience, we offer dependability in terms of schedules and costs. Through transparent and systematic planning, we foster a good communication between all parties involved. With a team of qualified and motivated employees, we provide all architectural services in-house. For general planning services, we regularly expand our team with experienced engineers and specialists.

Competences: Education and research | Residential and Care | Commercial and Office | Cultural | Sports | Special structures | Remodeling | Renovation | Conservation | Expertise

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