Thuringia Experience Portal - BUGA National Garden Festival 2021

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Thuringia Experience Portal at the BUGA National Garden Festival 2021
In the former defensive barracks building on the Petersberg in Erfurt, DIA-Dittel Architects, in cooperation with the innovation agency 7places, is designing an innovative and identity-creating presentation of Thuringia for the occasion of the Bundesgartenschau 2021 garden festival.
Every two years, the Bundesgartenschau attracts tens of thousands of visitors and inspires more than just garden and flower lovers.
The focus of the exhibition in 2021 is the state of Thuringia, for which DIA-Dittel Architects in cooperation with Thüringer Tourismus GmbH and the innovation agency 7Places has developed, designed and implemented an exhibition concept that creates a high identification value with the center of Germany. The exhibition presents the most important sights and excursion destinations in an emotionalizing way and offers visitors the opportunity to discover the state with all its facets and regional peculiarities. The use of multimedia technology lends the interdisciplinary exhibition concept its forward-looking character and is entirely in the spirit of the slogan of Thuringia: ‘Here the future has tradition’.

The three theme worlds of ‘Nature’, ‘Local Coloring’, and ‘Culture & History’ are presented to visitors within the exhibition and reflect the diverse world of Thuringia in an impressive way. Within the theme worlds, an information and an experience space are traversed that take visitors on a journey through Thuringia. Suspense is built up deliberately between these two spaces within each thematic world. While the visitors assume the role of the observer, they also become part of the exhibition themselves. With the help of digital elements, all the senses can be integrated and an active world of experience is created, offering innovative insights into the state through a fusion of interior design concepts, lovingly arranged exhibits and digital space solutions.
Inspired by a meaningful selection of materials and colors taken from glass and porcelain art, the way of life between tradition and modernity is transferred into the space and the values of historical events, people and monuments are imparted.

A guided tour with a high level of experimental value
Particularly noteworthy is the high degree of innovation in the exhibition. From augmented reality in the discovery magnifiers in the entrance area, to digital marketplaces with QR code-based logic, to a room-spanning projection of the Anna Amalia Library in Weimar, Thuringian specialties are conveyed in a variety of ways. The digital elements of the exhibition invite visitors to participate on a new level. Thus, the visitor can swing on a Hollywood swing seat into a video of the Thuringian Forest, make a piece of Bauhaus art and even try digitally frying a Bratwurst sausage at the highlight Bratwurst Stand. Other features contributing to the high level of innovation in the exhibition include artificial scenographic elements such as the Saalfeld fairy grottoes. Additional charm is provided by the ‘Famous Minds’, in which Thuringian personalities are presented and even Martin Luther winks at visitors with the aid of deep fake technology.

Not only the immediate surroundings but also the outdoor BUGA areas benefit from the Thuringia Adventure Portal. The exhibition on the Petersberg presents all the outdoor locations that can also be visited. Visitors thus go on a virtual journey to the most popular sights of the state, through impressive landscapes, and to historical cultural sites and monuments. The exhibition will be a source of inspiration for a journey through this exciting part of Germany, which is worth a visit this year in particular.

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