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With their projects the Berlin based and worldwide active architectural company dan pearlman Experience Architecture sets new standards in the domains of zoos and aquariums, retail, wellness and hospitality. From its former factory floor offices the interdisciplinary team of dan pearlman is designing brand and leisure environments, that inspire and enrich.

Experience Architecture defines unique spaces and places where individual encounters and experiences are made possible and curiosity can unfold.

Instead of defining architecture by its structure, we prefer to define it through a conscious choice in the sequence of space, light, content and experience, indoor and outdoor, similar to methods used in storytelling and szenography. In short, we build stories.

We believe that through Experience, we can learn and understand complex content lightly, intuitively and sustainably. We question conventional dogma and go beyond simply logical or rational answers because progress requires innovation. We foster collaboration, working closely with our clients and experts using innovative and integrative methods.

If Knowledge is a bank, and Imagination the currency, the ultimate future investment is Experience.

Zoo, Aquarium & Park – We firmly believe zoos and aquariums have a future as institutions for education, research and wildlife conservation and as leisure attractions. We are versed in the challenges facing modern zoos. We unite the complex needs of the animals, visitors and commercial operations, inspiring visitors with the work of the zoo and its themes in a sustainable way.

Wellness, Hospitality & Food Services – We develop unique locations that offer space for relaxation and leisure, physical activity, health and enjoyment. We place great importance on details, enhancing spas, hotels and restaurants with inspiring stories, transforming them into one-of-a-kind destinations.

Culture, Exhibitions and Retail – We work passionately with spaces that want to communicate more than complex themes and locations that want to be more than just a roof for businesses and their customers. Through a bold, strategic approach and the integration of intuitive elements, we create opportunities for visitors to interact in a variety of ways and the information presented, tempting them to stay.

Competences: Architecture | Landscape Architecture | Interior Design | Masterplanning | Generalplanning | Green Building | Storybuilding

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