Photo © Christian Gahl
Photo © Christian Gahl
Photo © Christian Gahl

Tempodrom (and Liquidrom)

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Stiftung Neues Tempodrom
gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
Helmut Angerer, Tanja Erk (Goebel), Martin Möller

Taken by itself, the polygonal spire does already have a three-dimensional quality, owing to the interaction of light and shadow. The roof consists of both sharp edges pointing happily towards the sky, and, in contrast, softly contoured planes conveying comfort. Exaggerated, cool and geometrically-constructed at the outside, the Tempodrom is an impressive landmark for this place and the associated events. Internally, however, the light distribution is significantly softer, even homelike across the circles. There, the construction is dissolved into several wooden slats, hanging over the stage like a lamp shade.

In the Liquidrom, however, which is covered by a round concrete bowl, light and shadow seem to be interpreted in the reverse way: Especially the water surface underneath the ceiling dome seemingly completes the body with its reflection. The aperture in the zenith of the cupola creates a very strong contrast of brightness, giving this rather dark space an almost sacral atmosphere. Perhaps this is what accounts for the suspense that originates from this building: the very differentiated effects that arise by the use of simple elements which in total result in a harmonious ensemble, just by the sophisticated combination of surfaces, volume and light.

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