Photo © Marcus Bredt
Photo © Marcus Bredt
Photo © Marcus Bredt
Photo © Adel Bikulov
Amphitheater innen
Photo © Adel Bikulov
Amphitheater Westzugang
Photo © Adel Bikulov
Umfeld Frühlingsspirale
Photo © Adel Bikulov
Photo © Adel Bikulov
Amphitheater Bühne
Photo © Adel Bikulov
Photo © Adel Bikulov

Krasnodar Stadium Park

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Krasnodar, Russia
Russian Federation - Krasnodar
Landscape Architecture
gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
Eva Lechermann-Wollscheid, Helmut Angerer, Jan Nielsen, Annette

The stadium and façade lighting was implemented and conceptually revisited by us in 2016. The basic idea was to accentuate the terrace structure in the park by means of vertical illumination and different illuminance levels and to create a depth effect. Different lighting moods serve as light guides through the park. The curved façades of then amphitheatre are illuminated by the reflection of the walkway in front of it. The inner access route is illuminated by recessed wall luminaires and the illuminated niches to create a sense of space. As access lighting to the theatre space, the steps and the stage were provided with recessed, glare-reduced light strips. Reduced basic lighting was only provided for the stage and the stage door. The upper gallery is illuminated with square light columns with well glare-reduced direct light. A wide-area illumination of the spiral path of the spring garden from a “balustrade” with a mounting height of 30 cm, ensures a glare-free view over the stadium park. The differentiated lighting close to the ground creates a calm and clear illumination that supports the formal language of the architecture.

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