Photo © Marcus Bredt
Photo © Marcus Bredt
Blick von der Gleisquerung
Photo © Marcus Bredt
Photo © Dennis Baader
Photo © Günther Fotodesign

Elbbrücken underground station

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Zweibrückenstraße, 20457 Hamburg
Hochbahn AG
gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
Jan Nielsen, Helmut Angerer, Tanja Erk, Diana Gehder, Martin Möller, Annette Roller, Eva Lechermann-Wollscheid
Electrical Planning
IWP Ingenieure Wiechers Partner

The lighting for the Elbbrücken underground station is designed to be as reserved and natural as possible, so the daytime image is not burdened with additional design elements. Visual ballast is generally avoided so that the light unfolds its effect and not the luminaires themselves. This principle is of even greater importance for the night picture. Therefore, attention is paid to high shielding angles and in particular to the fact that no stray parts cause light nuisance in the environment.
In order not to disturb the filigree roof structure, no interior lighting fixtures are attached to it for basic lighting. In general, all lights are integrated into the architectural elements as far as possible. The luminaire bodies are not visible at first glance and therefore do not interfere with the perception of the room. The basic lighting in the track area is integrated in the media belt and on the track crossing in the handrail.
The lighting system fulfills the recommendations of DIN 12464-1 / 2011-08 / Table 5.53 and the permissible light levels to avoid glare for the train drivers are underrun.

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