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Our self-image of the studio is characterized by the complex interplay of practice and research in a wide variety of architectural scales. The basis of our work is always the recognition and understanding of the values that lie in the everyday, the material constraints and the cultural context.

As a working method we use a dialectical approach, which can be described as a sequence of observing, formulating hypotheses and testing, enriched with experience and multidisciplinary knowledge. In this process, experiences, a synthesis of observations of phenomena through senses and memories, are intuitively woven into visions with hypotheses that respond to these perceptions, with the goal of formulating spatial relationships, offering space for experience.

Becker Architects and Planners' services range from urban planning projects to public buildings, office, residential and commercial buildings, and existing infrastructure projects.

Job offers:
Architect*in for the service phases 1-5
Architect for the work phases 5-8
Working student or intern, ideally for a longer period of time

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