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Vischerstraße 21, 70567, Stuttgart

Due to an increasing number of teachers and the extension of the overall school activities it had become necessary to redesign the administrative section of Robert-Koch-Realschule in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. The teachers’ room, the headmaster’s office and the school office had to be restructured and given an optimised spatial layout within the existing building structure.

The structure of the premises still dating from the time of construction no longer corresponded to current requirements of an open, flexible and multi-functional administrative unit, which also gives scope for future developments. The functional relationships between teachers’ area, school management and administration was analysed and reassessed. The result is a continuous spatial structure, which is zoned with pieces of furniture as well as intermediary smaller functional units. The teachers’ and administrative areas are screened off from the noisy school hall and the corridors by ante-zones (coatroom and school office).

The user’s wish for maximum storage area and flexibility of the rooms was taken into account when designing the linear arrangement of an optimised wall of cabinets. The developed modular dimension meets almost all user requirements if various modules are added.

Various uses – ranging from presentation areas to tea-kitchen, washbasins and pin boards – were accommodated inside the cabinet units. The demand for fresh and vibrant colours led to an interior design applying bright green to large areas in combination with highlights using shades of yellow and orange.

As a direct consequence of this concept, a 50 metre long, floor-to-ceiling wall unit was designed and positioned along the entire interior wall of the building. In combination with an equally coloured suspended ceiling element, which incorporates lighting fixtures as well as acoustically effective elements, the furniture as a spatial bracket forms the spine of the administrative zone, along which the single functions are lined up.

When viewed from the existing school hall, the colour design clearly distinguishes the new entrance to the school office as the access to the fresh new administrative sphere.

Custom-designed ergonomic workplaces, mobile internet access at all desks and a communicative relaxation area were used to create a teachers’ room with foresight.

Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart, Hochbauamt

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