Max Acht

Architecture for people, places and the environment – for economically and ecologically far-sighted development of neighbourhoods and towns
Creative architecture and professional planning – these are the qualities architekturagentur is renowned for. We implement our projects with an interdisciplinary and integrated approach – from collaborative project development through to site management. The focus of our concepts is on the interplay of space, proportion, material quality, and function. In the planning and implementation process we equate architecture with the art of engineering. We combine traditional and innovative construction techniques with meticulously constructed details. We offer profound technical expertise together with strict adherence to budgeted costs and schedules.

Ecologically reasonable construction. woodcube, a project conceived in the context of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Hamburg, was the first 5-storey residential building made from solid wood that was constructed without the use of glue and construction chemicals. On this basis, we develop concepts for the city of tomorrow. New buildings and densification, refurbishment projects and district development.Architecture is based on much more than just location, directives, optical design and functionality. Value-retaining architecture and forward planning go much further. The architekturagentur plans and builds for people who wish to realise their “healthy ideals” in their style of dwelling and way of life – with private, public and commercial building projects. We consider more than just the building plot itself, but place it in the context of its surroundings as well as adjacent or nearby regional or urban development. We integrate a healthy room climate into all our planning and shape the future with ecologically sound methods of building such as, for example, multi-storey, single-material solid wood construction.

The architekturagentur works within an interdisciplinary and holistic framework, above all with regard to the due completion date of the project. We plan and monitor complex construction projects from the first draft plan to the selection of suitable partners and craft trades for the project, right up to strict day-to-day site management. Our team has extensive practical experience and a complete overview of the different steps in construction as well as the skills needed to effect optimal coordination of the individual craft trades involved in the project. In classic architecture our main focus is on urban architecture and the development of inner-city and neighbourhood projects, residential and commercial buildings, public buildings such as schools, sports halls or administrative buildings. And we are your partners for the whole architectural package, i.e. interior fittings, the design of the grounds, seamless links to the surroundings (infrastructure, paths and routing systems, supply connections, etc.). The architekturagentur is your creative partner for new construction, infill development, redevelopment of existing buildings, adding storeys and renovation. We combine both traditional and innovative construction methods to create buildings for generations to come – multi-purpose, adaptable and in harmony with their natural surroundings.

Competences: Architecture | Healthy and ecological construction | Renovation | Interior Design | Living + Working | Public Buildings | Constructional Engineering with wood | DBNB Auditor urban quarters

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