Photo © Christophe Coënon
Photo © Christophe Coënon
Photo © Christophe Coënon
Photo © Christophe Coënon
Photo © Christophe Coënon

Aesop Store Nuremberg

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Aesop GmbH

situated on Fleischbrücke, which links the new town with the historic city centre. It was designed in-house by Aesop, and executed by design studio 1zu33.

Viewed from the street, framed by a symmetrical façade, the space appears almost as a cinematic tableau. The custom-made timber point-of-sale, bench and storage cabinets form a spatial narrative that draws the eye through the store. Subtle textural contrasts—including screed concrete, velvet, and rusty iron—invite tactile exploration and realise a sense of refined domesticity.

A large demonstration sink with lacquered façades and rounded, generous corners anchors the store. A long shelving unit of raw waxed metal stretches along the left-hand side of the space, while storage cabinets of brush-painted wood lines the opposite wall. These modest, functional elements are contrasted by the sumptuous velvet, visible from the pavement outside, that swathes a wall behind the display window.

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