Photo © Helen Cathcart
Photo © Helen Cathcart
Photo © Helen Cathcart
Photo © Helen Cathcart
Photo © Helen Cathcart
Photo © Helen Cathcart

Aesop Office London

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London, Great Britain
1-5 Stories

Creative development in a minimalistic environment:
einszu33 establishes office design for Aesop London

For its longtime customer Aesop, the Munich agency einszu33 has designed the London office. A four-story warehouse in London-Brunswick transformed into an office with open workspaces and smaller meeting rooms. The Australian cosmetic brand lives a philosophy of concentrating on the essentials: the highest quality materials and local references can be found in all stores and were also responsible for the London project.

The brick building is made up of a vintage floor made of old wood and visible steel girders, a space where employees can focus in peace and without distraction. Warm, understated colors with predominantly indirect lighting match the materiality of the soft, matte laminate used to cover desks, cabinets and kitchen units. Vintage furniture and details such as landscape metro tiles cite the urban environment and set discreet emphasis in the otherwise reduced spatial structure. In line with the minimalist philosophy of the client, the design concept plays with the idea of the empty canvas in which something new can emerge.

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