Architecture Matters 2023

Second City: On the New in the Old

We will explore next year's theme at different levels: materials, buildings, society. With the 2023 conference, we jump back into the thick of the action. The venue is Tucherpark, an office ensemble from the 1960s that is listed as a Bavarian State Monument and currently being redeveloped.
How can we think about and design the life cycle of buildings? What does it mean for the construction and real estate industries when new buildings are the exception and no longer the rule? Do we have enough appreciation for more recent stock? Beyond general calls for self-sufficiency and lower standards in construction: What comforts are we prepared to give up as individuals to be more sustainable? Concrete, the building material of the modern age, offers us a paradigm for examining the true value of building materials. How can circular thinking be applied to building as a whole – starting from initial prototypes based on the principles of cradle-to-cradle, urban mining, or the city as a resource? How can we think in tandem about the social and the ecological question? And how do we shape this complex change process together with the multitude of stakeholders?

photo: © estate of Sibylle Bergemann / OSTKREUZ. Courtesy Loock Galerie
4. Mai 2023, 09:00 bis 5. Mai 2023, 17:00
Architecture Matters
80538 Munich
Architecture Matters