Urbane Freiräume Quartier Baakenhafen

Arriola & Fiol
Andreu Arriola, Carme Fiol, I.Giovanetti, M.Hefti, S.Gergulics, P.Kacmarova, P.Mysiak, M.Pezdek, M.Skalski, M.Reilly, S.Ducellari, M.Czora

Traditionally the growth of city of Hamburg, and lately in the Hafencity area, took place through the addition of many districts, all having different urban arrangement. In the new district of Baakenhafen we have to strengthen the identity of the whole neigh¬borhood.
The public space system of Baakenhafen is the tool which will define the global identity of the new resi-dential neighborhood of the Hamburg harbor.
The aim is to establish a materiality and a landscape which may define a homogeneous atmosphere to the whole neighborhood that will be, as a matter of fact, made of buildings completely different for program and architecture.
The definition of the boundaries is particularly im¬portant for the appearance of the neighborhood, which will also be recognizable by its outer limit. The shape of the northern limit is defined by the rail lines running along the Versmannstraße and the docks of the Baakenhafen harbor and of the Elba River, transcendent elements in the definition of the enclosure of the neighborhood.

Dazugehörige Projekte

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