Glacis Park

Neu Ulm
Visualisierung © KCAP
Visualisierung © KCAP
Visualisierung © KCAP
Visualisierung © KCAP
KCAP Architects&Planners

The Glacispark area is situated near the town centre and the surrounding suburbs. The old city wall structure becomes more clear within the morphology on either side of the design. The boundaries between the in and exterior sections becomes the designprinciple. Ensembles are created from up to 6 layers in height situated on elevated public decks. The decks open up towards the park on the south and the adjacent dwellings’ private terraces and communal exterior areas in front of the houses.
Troughout the centre of area runs a green link for slow traffic and pedestrians coming from the city center. This link joins the various spaces from the city center till the Glacis Park.
The main – principle of the public space is derived from the notion of an illuminated track joining the center of Neu Ulm with the Glacis Park.

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