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Kneissl Star Resort

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Goldegg Kärnten, Österreich

Our design idea for the hotel that is directly located on the ski slopes of Goldeck in Carinthia follow the scheme of a “snow fence” that marks an interception in the landscape catching skiers, trackers or mountain bikers coming downhill from the summit. Skiers can directly access the hotel from the slope without taking of their skies. Inside there is a climbing wall that reaches the roof. The building follows the contour lines of the mountain with wooden louver façade promising a warmth and comfort. Behind the fence the visitor can experience a breathtaking view into the valley from the lobby and restaurants. The hotel rooms and suits are terraced down also opening to magnificent mountain scenery.

Competition, 2009
Design Team: Karim Najjar, Rames Najjar, Ali Milaninia, Conrad Kroenke, Stefanie Slanec & Edward Chaponresort
Consultants: Oliver Massabni A2 Hotelexperts Vienna

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