Eystur Town Hall

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Eystur, Dänemark

Located in the breathtaking Faroese landscape, the 750m2 green roofed town hall of Eysturkommuna completely merges with nature. The town hall bridges the river in the village of Norðragøta.

Before the fishing industry made its entry with a large and important factory, the attractive local beach was the natural gathering point on special occasions. According to plan, the town hall is the first of more buildings to reclaim public life in the center of Norðragøta, and thus, the Town Hall Eysturkommuna takes on the important task of establishing a space that will revive the local community. The terraces and roof are open to the public, people can come here to have picnics and swim in the river. Eysturkommuna covers five different settlements of total 2000 inhabitants.

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