Housing on Meret Oppenheim-Strasse by Luca Selva Architekten


Yohan Zerdoun works as a photographer for architecture offices, editors, as well as public and private institutions, highlighting the design and the functionality of the projects.

Born in Paris, Yohan Zerdoun shared his early years between France, Israel, and England. After a long period in Switzerland, he moved to Germany where he is now based. Inspired by the cultures and sights he encountered on his path, he nurtured and strengthened his devotion for image and space.

Educated and trained as an architect in Paris, he then joined the team of Diener & Diener Architects in Basel, Switzerland, during which time he never forsook his passion for photography. Already at that point, Yohan Zerdoun developed his own approach to architectural photography: transporting in his work the aesthetics and the functionality of the projects, capturing the life and movement around them. Yohan Zerdoun depicts the architectural project as a large whole and in detail, giving special attention to the composition and to the play of light.

After years of active work as an architect, Yohan Zerdoun founded his own office for architectural photography. His work has been featured in exhibitions, magazines, and books for the world of architecture.

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