Fotografia © Camenzind Evolution
Fotografia © Camenzind Evolution
Fotografia © Camenzind Evolution
Fotografia © Jean-Jacques Ruchti
Fotografia © Ferit Kuyas


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Zurich, Switzerland

8 Office buildings with 8 Maisonette Apartments of 140-280 m2

The eight new apartment and office buildings are situated close to the town centre of Zurich and offer stunning views of the lake and surrounding cityscape. The project regenerates a former industrial site into a new attractive centre for working and living and integrates itself harmoniously into the existing historic fabric of the area.

The project Seewurfel is based on a concept of piazzas that were created by the careful positioning of the eight buildings. The individually landscaped piazzas and external spaces create a variety of different environments to be used and enjoyed by Seewurfel occupants and their neighbours.

The exceptional quality of the project lies in the balance achieved between the unique modern architectural language of the development, the individual identity given to buildings by avoiding uniformity and the harmonious way in which the project integrates into the historic fabric of the neighbourhood.

The Seewurfel development complies with the highest Swiss standards for energy efficiency (Minergie) and uses a geothermal heat pump system for environmentally-friendly heating and cooling.

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