A German-French Partnership
Every location is unique and has its own individual history. We start developing our ideas once we find out what distinguishes a specific location, garden or landscape. Our gardens are derived from working in context and by taking a matter-of-course approach to design in order to enhance a location’s specific attractiveness. We aim to develop appropriate solutions that strengthen the identity of a given place.

The resulting site is an inspiration, and invites people to linger and enjoy themselves. It reveals the beauty and distinctiveness of its surroundings to the visitor and user, whether they be children in a daycare centre, employees at work, or someone merely enjoying open space or going for a walk in town. A balanced selection and arrangement of plants mixed with natural materials such as wood and stone add to a site’s distinction.

We work together closely with clients and other planning partners to achieve the best design and the most functional result. We take each project through from its early design stages to the professional supervision of its construction. In doing so, our goal is to create a sustainable and high-quality environment while making the most efficient use of the available budget.

One of our most visible public projects is the open space for Berlin’s Museumsinsel, or Museum Island, a spectacular site of historic museum buildings surrounded by landscaped embankments and water. At the waterside city of Changde in central China we demonstrated our expertise in creating a sustainable 100-hectare landscaped park along the city’s riverbanks. We apply the same meticulous care to smaller projects as well, whether it be the recreational space for a Kindergarten or an exceptional private garden.

We look forward to learning more about you and your project, no matter how unusual or far away it might be.
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