Weinberg-Brücke - Landesgartenschau 2015 Havel Region

The 350-metres-long curved arch pedestrian bridge Weinberg crosses the Havel River to connect the Weinberg Park and the Optik Park, offering pedestrians a pleasant crossing in a beautiful garden landscape and views of the river.

The conceptual design by Kristina Brusius, Mirko Buff, Nadine Gisbert and Christina Ziegler envisaged an angled, S-Curved bridge with steel arches supporting the superstructure in its longest span. The hangers were placed on radial cantilevers towards reaching the arch planes, resulting in angles slightly away from the angled arch plane to reduce bending stresses within the arches that terminate at the height of the superstructure and thereby allow for the horizontal thrust to be short circuited via a tieback. Within the range of the arches, the bridge deck widens to allow for seating space. At the abutment the bridge deck is monolithically connected to the sub-structure, creating an integral structure.

schlaich bergermann partner revised the conceptual design, provided the construction and lighting design for the project, and supervised the site during construction.
Jahr der Fertigstellung
Project partners
Engineering office Küchler; Architects: Pieper

The arches were made of welded quadratic hollow profile and the bridge deck with torsionally ridged steel hollow box sections.
Arch spans: 60 m and 48 m
Inclination of arches: approx. 25°
Superstructure width: 3 m - 4 m
Superstructure height: 68 cm
Bridge area: approx. 1,110 m²
Height difference: 10 m