Le Cabrera Restaurant

Prexury is a new series of materials developed with semiprecious stones and other natural materials. This exceptional collection mixes the timeless beauty of natural semiprecious stones, petrified wood and rare fossils to create the most exquisite solid surface with extraordinary designs.

With the Prexury Collection, Cosentino brings materials traditionally used in jewellery, such as quartz, amethyst, agate and jasper to the home. The beauty of these stones lies in the properties of each material, which makes the collection suitable for all areas of the home.

Le Cabrera, restaurant and cocktail bar that opened its doors in January, 2010, is located in the center of Madrid and is owned by the famous Catalan chef, Sergi Arola, and of the young Argentinean barman, Diego Cabrera. The first, known for his professional career and for his Michelin stars. The second, for revolutionizing the Madrid cocktail bar. The first floor of this novel space offers tapas, dishes and small bites of haute cuisine. The bottom floor, which is bigger, is designated to the elaboration of cocktails.

The person responsible for the harmony that exists between the two spaces is the architect and interior designer, Luis Galliussi, who contributed, through a retro and contemporary decoration, a modern and original style. These and other aspects such as the design, the quality and the presentation are those that best define Le Cabrera and also Cosentino, reasons for covering the bars with Prexury, a collection of the Group.
Competence Cosentino

Sergi Arola – Diego Cabrera

Luis Galliussi

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